Judaism with all of our senses

Shalom, I hope that everyone is enjoying a relaxing summer. I look forward to seeing you during our upcoming Havdallah service and schmooze on Saturday, July 25. Thank you so much to our Merkaz President Staci Mayer and her family for hosting. Havdallah is the separation of the Sabbath–Shabbat from … Continue reading

Tzedakah and K’hila

Years ago I hosted a memorable Shabbat dinner. One of my friends came in the door and asked for my (charity) tzedakah box/pushke to give (charity) tzedakah before we brought in Shabbat. What a beautiful mitzvah to do before Shabbat. As Craig and I host the next Merkaz Shabbat, you … Continue reading

All-nighters, Cheesecake, and Eternal Life

This is the end and this is the beginning. The second letter of the Hebrew “Aleph Bet,” rather than the first, begins the Torah. “In the beginning,” “Bereshit,” is what begins the creation of the world. We learn that Torah does not have a beginning nor an end but instead … Continue reading


If someone were to ask you “Are you a (holy) kadosh person?” how would you respond? This question is not only meaningful it is also crucial in the third book of the Torah (Leviticus) Vayikra which we will begin to read this month. The first Torah (portion) Parashat K’doshim in … Continue reading