Coming soon…weekly updates, lessons, and stories from our esteemed Jewish Education teachers! Merkaz offers Jewish educational classes for both adults and youth.  The educational ciriculum and classes are referred to as Limud, which means “study” in Hebrew.  

August 2014, From the Rabbi

By Rabbi Erica Burech Shalom Merkaz Community-K’hilat Merkaz, I have been working on creating the scheduling for Merkaz’s first Junior & Senior Youth group. You can create Merkaz history if you come up with an incredible name for this group. It would be great if it could be an (Hebrew) … Continue reading

July 2014, From the Rabbi

By Rabbi Erica Burech I grew-up attending Religious School and Hebrew school in Wheeling, West Virginia at Temple Shalom. When I dig deep into my Jewish (guts) kishkas I realize that the memories I have from my little shul, Temple Shalom, and from Jewish summer camp are truly what make … Continue reading

June 2014, From the Rabbi

By Rabbi Erica Burech Shavuot & Saving Lives I have always been enamored with ER doctors. I feel completely riveted as I join the cluster of cars on the right side of the road as an ambulance races by with its blaring alarm. The (holiday) chag of Shavuot was observed … Continue reading