About Merkaz

Congregation Merkaz Ha-Iyr is a close-knit Congregation within Phoenix. The Congregation follows a progressive, Reform-style, and inclusive path, while maintaining a healthy respect for traditional BlackCircleLogoJewish practice.

In other words, a congregation that is very much in sync with the values and practices of the modern Reform movement.

Merkaz means “center” and Ha-Iyr means “the city.” Put it together and we have “Center of the City.”

Mehr-KAHZ Hah-EAR Congregation Merkaz Ha-Iyr is our formal name but our friends like to call us “Merkaz.”

We believe that communal experiences, worship, study, and community service are the foundations of a flourishing Jewish community. In a very short time, we have created a warm, welcoming congregation where we have put the fun back into Jewish congregational life.

We are families, singles, couples, retirees, young adults, and interfaith couples who have gathered to form a Jewish community in the heart of Phoenix. While many of us grew up in traditional Jewish families, some of us are in the process of joining the Jewish faith, and some of us are committed to raising Jewish children while maintaining our own faith-traditions. We invite those who are in any phase of their Jewish journey to worship, learn, and celebrate with us.

We encourage everyone, regardless of how they self-identify, regardless of ethnic background, age, or sexual orientation to see themselves as cherished members of our congregational family.

We are a full-service congregation with High Holiday services, regular worship services, social activities, social action, adult education, family education, youth education, youth activities, and of course Shabbaton. There is something for families, older adults, singles, empty nesters, and any type of grouping you could imagine.

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