Merkaz welcomes singles, couples and families, inviting all who are seeking a connection with Judaism.

Membership dues are $650.00 per single adult and $1,300.00 per couple which include High Holiday tickets.

Each adult in a family may hold membership with no distinction between those who are/aren’t Jewish. Children are included in their parents’ membership.

If there is interest in participating with Merkaz, please do not let financial circumstances become preventative. All welcome.

Email your questions, concerns, or interest to  All correspondence will be considered confidential.

To sign up electronically please click here.

Jewish Education / Limud is not included within Merkaz’ membership investments.

Limud: Grades 1st – 3rd. is an additional investment of $475 

Grades 4th – 7th. is an additional investment of $700

Youth Group is $180 for members $250 for non-members

Sibling packages may be available.

To sign up electronically for Limud please click here.

Please email to discuss –

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